• The Beach House

    Pensacola Beach, Florida October 20 thru 22, 2017

    Exclusive Peer To Peer Learning & Discovery Experience

  • Why We Do it

    I've been studying personal and organizational SPEED for over 30 years, and interviewed thousands of executives and entrepreneurs from virtually every domain you can imagine -- people who have opened up to me about the personal disciplines they employ to Produce Better Results In Less Time.


    The most successful among them exercise one key discipline above all others -- the habit of working on themselves.


    Most of them seek out mentors and serve as mentors to others. Almost all of them make the time to periodically gather with equally bright and passionate people to share their insights, offer their counsel, and ask for help.


    The Beach House Experience is specifically designed to give you the opportunity to do exactly that…in a safe, supportive, fun and relaxing environment.


    I know you'll make a tremendous contribution if you decide to join us…and if you determine this type of experience is right for you, I believe with all my heart that we'll make a substantial impact on your continued success as well.



  • Why Me ?

    We invest a great deal of effort in selecting an eclectic group of highly qualified candidates for this unique experience.


    If You Were Invited:

    You were specifically chosen because we know . . .

    • You're actively engaged in Work That Matters.
    • You're exceptionally well accomplished in your field.
    • You have unique insight and expertise that will serve the group.

    And we believe you will fully embrace the Peer to Peer learning & discovery process.


    If You Were Nominated:

    Your Nominating Sponsor believes all of the above to be true about you -- and we'd like to ensure this experience is a good fit for you and the group. If we haven't already done so, we'll be reaching out soon to talk it through.

    Who Else Is Coming ?

    Executives, entrepreneurs, experts, and thought leaders as committed as you are to learning, teaching, and growing.


    Everyone in attendance is well accomplished in their discipline and absolutely committed to Work That Matters. They are prepared to freely share their expertise, victories, and challenges. They are equally prepared to contribute to your success . . . and they sincerely want your help in contributing to theirs.


    We won't be sharing the participant list in advance, because:


    Discovering who’s there and why, being exposed to different perspectives, uncovering the depth of insight and expertise all around you as the three days unfold . . . This is fundamental to the process and critical to the outcome.

    The White Space

    There is a great deal of unstructured time during this experience. This is by design. We've learned that when we gather a small group of experts doing important work, often the most valuable learning, the sharpest insights, and the greatest breakthroughs occur in the "white space" between organized activities.


    Put another way . . . We've discovered that there's just something about boiled shrimp and cold beer that reduces the friction and shrinks the timeline for personal development leading to Accelerated Performance.

  • Working Agenda

    Check In

    Thursday 4:00 pm to Friday 10:00 am

    Day One

    10:00 am to 9:00 pm

    • 10:00 am   Welcome
    • 10:30 am   Session 1
    • 12:00 pm   Lunch / Relax / Visit
    • 2:30   pm   Session 2
    • 4:00  pm    Relax / Visit / Explore
    • 6:00  pm    Session 3
    • 7:30  pm    Chef's Dinner

    Day Two

    8:30 am to 9:00 pm

    • 8:30 am     Day One Review
    • 9:00 am     Session 4  
    • 10:30 am   Break
    • 11:00 am   Session 5
    • 12:30 pm   Lunch / Relax / Visit 
    • 4:00   pm    Sunset Dolphin Cruise
    • 7:30   pm    House Tourneys & Cookout

    Day Three

    10:00 am to 12:00 pm

    • 10:00 am    Day Two Review
    • 10:30 am    Session 6
    • 12:00 pm    Wrap Up
    Check Out after we wrap, or stay another night if your schedule allows, so you can enjoy the full afternoon and evening before "re-entry".
  • Accommodations

    The Beach House

    We always book one of the nicest, biggest places on the beach -- so we can sleep everyone who wants to stay on-site at no additional fee . . . but this is not a Sandals ® Resort, it's a beach house. "Sleeps 20" does not mean 20 separate bedrooms and bathrooms. Helpful Hint: The first few registrations get first choice on where they bunk.


    If you desire more overnight privacy, you'll want to book a nearby hotel room or condo. (We can help.) That said, if you can embrace a little early morning and late night chaos . . . you'll find that some of the strongest relationships are forged, and the most exciting projects hatched on the deck over a late night cocktail. And the early morning bacon cooks provide a marvelous, aromatic wake up call.

    Nearby Condos & Hotels


  • Registration

    Registration Is $2,500

    Participation is limited and these slots are expected to fill quickly. You can protect your space now by registering with your deposit of $1,250.


    We'll invoice you for the balance -- due on receipt, please pay by August 20.


    * Business RadioX ® Ambassadors and Fast Friends Members: There is No Balance Due -- Your Total Registration Fee is Only $1,250.


    ** Deposits are non-refundable, but may be applied to future services booked within 6 months.

    Your "Plus One"

    We highly encourage you to bring a "plus one" -- a colleague, business partner, spouse or significant other . . . and there is no additional fee for their participation.


    Your "plus one" is not required to participate, however they are welcome and encouraged to fully engage in all sessions and activities that hold their interest.


    If they would prefer using all or part of their time taking advantage of the many sights and sounds the beautiful Gulf Coast has to offer, our On-site Concierge will be delighted to provide information and coordinate transportation to and from a variety of attractions and distractions in the Pensacola area.

  • Young Entrepreneurs

    Investing In The Future

    One of the most rewarding aspects of the Beach House Experience is exposing Young Entrepreneurs to highly successful people doing work that matters.


    Young Entrepreneurs participate in their own unique Beach House Experience, and have ample opportunity to interact with our other participants.


    If you would like to sponsor a Young Entrepreneur:

    • One guaranteed way to get them in is to make them your "plus one."
    • Otherwise, there is an application process and their registration is $625. 

    Whether you'll be joining us or not . . . If you would like to support our Young Entrepreneurs with a full or partial scholarship to participate in The Beach House Experience, please reach out to me directly and we'll make it happen.



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